Make a one-shot movie

Even if you have never made a movie, have not written scripts, cannot mount, your debut will take place!

Why filming one-shot?

Одним кадром

We are often asked about the need of filming one-shot? The advantages of editing are obvious. They allow you to switch to more suitable plans, hide the shortcomings of acting, set accents, enhance the influence of special effects.

This competition is for those who are just starting their way to the filmmaking industry, maybe even for those who are making their very first attempts in this business. There is plenty of competitions for professionals, and there are not many ones where acting skills can be seen at a glance. And the goal of our competition is to reveal the shortcomings of acting, that they were clearly visible to the viewer.

Good editing skills require more knowledge and practice. And a short single-take film story can be rather a good start for those making their first steps. Even a child once can play her part convincingly, but repeating exactly the same emotions and actions several times again and again is much more difficult...

Aims of the competition

The short film competition "One-shot" is held to ensure that any person who wants to work in the cinema, but does not know how to do it can get practical skills, learn more about the world of cinema, be able to determine the future profession. To implement our plan, we will perform the following tasks:

  • Identify the potential of children and adolescents in feature films.
  • To introduce the basics of acting and cinematography.
  • To create a creative environment for the production of films.
  • To promote the best works of the participants on YouTube.

In other words, the contest "One-shot" is an opportunity to Express yourself, learning the ability to create a small but real movie from scratch. You do not have to be a student of the acting or camera faculty, do not have to understand the installation and special effects to show your creativity in the filming.

We do not set ourselves the task to make the films shot for the competition a work of art, and do not even pretend that all the works were of professional quality. Our key task is to identify talents in acting and cinematography, sound engineering and screenwriting. Creating such conditions which would help you to express yourself is our goal.

Project news

  • March 4, 2019
    We are waiting for single-frame films!

    Friends! We need your help to spread the word. We have not yet engaged in advertising, but only informed young children and teenagers who may be interested in our competition. Therefore, we are asking for your help to spread information about the competition. Thank you in advance!

  • February 27, 2019
    Our website is in test mode

    Friends! Our site is working in test mode. It is possible that you find some errors, broken links and other drawbacks. If you find them, please let us know by e-mail:

  • February 15, 2019
    Start of work on the contest website

    On one hand, the contest of short films "one shot" is not a new project, but it is still a great feeling when you start working on a new site. Today we have thought through all the conditions of participation and structure, it remains to come up with a design, register a domain and present to the world what we dream of. We will be glad to all who want to help us in this matter.

How to shoot in one shot?

You can think through the actions of the characters in your film so that all the most important things will happen in the foreground, then in the background. In this case, the camera can be both static and live, constantly moving in front of the main characters. How to shoot - you decide.

The main task is that your movie turned out without cuts, so you can only make two presses of the red button.